Coaching, Training, and Partnerships

For Current and Future Agency Owners

Is the Agency Owner Training for you?

If you are interested in building a large top performing insurance agency, this training is definitely for YOU!

This is NOT for Agency Owners who:
  • Are happy settling for the status quo
  • Only want a two-person office
  • Have no desire to grow
  • Are not willing to invest in their agency
  • Insist on agents to perform both sales and service simultaneously
  • Does not want to build an agency which is one of the top 10% producing agencies in the industry
  • Is not open-minded about learning something new
  • This is not for agents that do not want to get rich, build wealth, and build a legacy
If you are an entrepreneurial minded individual and you sincerely want more growth out of your current agency, but lack the step-by-step road map to get there, this Agency Owner Training is for YOU!

What is the difference between an Average Agency Owner and a MEGA AGENCY OWNER?

Think about it this way:

  • Two different agency owners
  • Both competing in the same market
  • Both have access to the same number of insurance companies
  • Both have the same number of employees, same premiums, and same commission structure

Same Market. Same Companies. Same Number of Employees. Same Premiums. Same Commission Structure.

What makes ONE of those agency owners a Mega Agency while the other is standing still?

What PROVEN system provides a road map to success?

The answer to this question is theMEGA AGENCY OWNER PROGRAM




Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur? What is the difference? Do you want to grow into a multi-million dollar agency or continue the same as you have always done? So, what is it going to take?




Learn the seven steps to managing a Mega Agency

  1. Mastering the three C’s
    • Communication
    • Consistency
    • Clarity
  2. Reflection of you
    • You set the tone
    • You set the atmosphere
    • You set the attitude
    • You set the example
  3. Handle situations immediately
    • Why don’t agency owners address situations immediately?
      • Fear
      • Don’t know how
      • Don’t think it’s important
      • “Too Busy”
      • It will fix itself
    • Not handling situations immediately is one of the biggest mistakes an agency owner will make
    • Everything needs to be handled immediately – Good or bad, big or small
  4. Teach, don’t preach
    • How do most people learn best?
      • When simply given the answer or
      • When they are involved in finding the answer
  5. ABC – always be coaching
    • There is no such thing as downtime when operating a mega agency
    • The key is to learn how to be the most productive during that time
    • Coaching your team is not a one-and-done – it’s ongoing
  1. Get your team involved
    • You can not build a Mega Agency by yourself
    • This is not one person show or a one-horse race
    • Learn when to get your team involved
    • Learn why to get your team involved
  2. Goals and accountability
    • Learn to set the proper expectations
    • Learn to manage behaviors
    • Demand massive accountability
    • Learn what the right goals are
    • Learn when they should be increased
    • The key is how fast you can develop million-dollar producers

Partner with Pete – Let’s do this together you don’t have to do this alone. The possibilities are endless.