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Build A Power Team

Absolutely!  That is one of the best reasons to get involved with the course.  You will learn the step-by-step process on how to build your network and your relationships with referral partners that want to do business with you. Fact is, many of our graduates that have attended this training came from other areas and have developed into million-dollar producers.

I am a believer that everything we do in life is some sort of a sale. Anytime you conduct a transaction, or convince someone else of anything is making a sale, right? With that said, diving into this this course is a fantastic way to find out. Everything is laid out for you step-by-step in simple easy to understand instructions. It will feel like you are not selling. I DO NOT believe in the “hard sell”. I believe in building relationships that in turn build YOUR business.
No, you do not have to be licensed to start this program. Of course, an insurance license will be needed to conduct business once you are ready to start building your future. However, to start learning the tips and tricks of top producers, you do not need the license. Why? Because what you will learn in this program will give you a huge head start over other agents. This is real world training, the actual success formula that is being used right now by my million-dollar producers. My training is completely different than what you will learn in the classroom when acquiring your license.
Guaranteed! The information presented in this program has been used with remarkable success by producers in the top 10% of the industry. It is laid out in a practical, easy to follow way that is designed to coach you into becoming a million-dollar producing agent. In fact, I have had dozens of successful seasoned agents come through this program and say “this is by far the best training I have ever received; I wish I would have learned this 10 years ago.” I promise there are unique and proven methods in this program that I am certain you have not considered.
No Problem! This means you are willing to learn and is exactly what I live for! My mission is to help any agent that has the desire to be better and become a top producer. I would love nothing more than to help you with your success. The call and consultation are free. Click here to schedule a personal coaching session.

Great News! You don’t need one.  This program is designed for anyone to become a million-dollar producer without having to spend a lot of money. You don’t need a lot of money; I don’t want you to spend a lot of money.  In the program you will learn simple, cost-effective ideas and approaches that will allow you to scale up quickly. I have spent thousands of dollars and spent hundreds of hours on marketing programs that just didn’t work and still don’t work. I have already paid the “Stupid Tax.” so that you do not have to.  Anyone can follow the marking ideas and process inside this program, and very quickly ramp up a referral base that Wants to send you business. The best part… Very little is any cash out of pocket.

Yes! it absolutely will. The principles laid out in this program will work for any insurance agent in any state. The foundation of the program is based on a success formula that can coach any agent no matter where they are located to be successful.  Most insurance agents get it wrong and the information in this program will set you apart from 90% of your competition no matter what area or market in which you are competing.

YES! That is the beauty of this program. Not only will it help individual agents and producers, but it is also an amazing tool for agencies and agency owners. As we have seen many times over the years, if you apply these same principles that make an individual agent successful to an entire agency, the results are staggering! I am talking about 10x growth in your volume overnight. The beautiful thing about the million-dollar producer program is that I can customize a unique program JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR AGENCY! Please schedule your free consultation today, so I can learn more about you, your agency, and understand your specific needs.

The answer is a resounding yes! Hundreds of agents before you have successfully completed the million-dollar producer program and it has been life changing. They are producing at levels that they never thought possible. 

Here is the best part:

  1. They are not smarter than you.
  2. They did not start with more money than you. 
  3. They did not start with a bigger network than you.
  4. They do not have a better personality than you.
  5. They are not more talented than you. 

You know what they did ? They implemented the system. They followed the easy step-by-step program and they have experienced results never seen before.

You can do this!  I believe in you!  I just need for you to believe in yourself.